Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor Australia provides one to one tutoring services to people of all ages, levels, and subjects. We come to your home at a time that's convenient to you to make the learning experience as easy as possible. It’s a personalised service where we meet with families and students in their homes before we match a tutor. This consultation process helps us understand the tutoring goals and needs of the student which allows us to match our tutors really well with our students. When time is taken to match the right tutor, it leads to more successful outcomes. Tutor Doctor offers tutoring in the comfort of your home so no travel is required, one-to-one learning, flexible scheduling to accommodate each family’s busy life, tutoring that is aligned to the student's curriculum, individualisation, personal customer service, we match tutors with students to ensure the best results and we deliver tailored and engaging tutoring sessions with regular feedback. Visit tutordoctor.com.au